An Unexpected Bounty

Something I have yet to discuss is that there is another cat living here. An old, decrepit lady who needs special care. To protect her identity, we shall call her Mathayus. We are never in the greater part of the house at the same time, and her food and water bowls are removed before I am allowed to roam my domain. Usually, that is.

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The Empty Belly Blues

I am not sure if you would believe it without first-hand empirical observation, but these humans insist on pure torment when it comes to my meals. Instead of inviting me to join them at their feasting furniture, as would be the polite and inclusionary thing to do, they shove a few measly pellets of some minimally nutritional foodstuffs into a round deceptively-toy-like ball which slowly and infrequently doles out a single pellet at a time.

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