ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

You may have seen my non-reviews on this very blog before. The movies, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, were appropriate objects of critique based on their strong animal themes, something they share with a game I just played. ABZU—available on PS4, XBOX One, Switch, and PC—is a colorful adventure wherein you hang out with lots of marine creatures. My back-of-the-box quote: “I never thought a great white shark would become my best friend.

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Introducing the Mr. Biscuit Webcomic!

Introducing the Mr. Biscuit Webcomic!

Do your eyes deceive you, or did you just gaze upon the first edition of The Mr. Biscuit Webcomic? The Trouble with the Tortillas is the first of my adventures to get the comic treatment, but there will be plenty more, along with brand new stories and jokes. You can expect a strip once a week as well as a regular blog post, save for this week, as they’ve merged into one almighty being.

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Humans Moving My Cheese

Yesterday was exhausting. If you’ve lived with humans for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced one of their more annoying habits. No, I don’t mean forced cuddles. And no, I don’t mean kicking us in their sleep, or forcefully holding us over a humidifier and then washing our faces. Wait, that last one is just me? Whatever. I mean moving stuff around.

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The Litter Report

A few weeks ago, my bipedal staff decided to switch from clay litter to pine pellets. Let me tell you, it was rather traumatizing. One day, these kitties go from seeing fake dirt in their boxes to those little sticks that provoke an instinctual threat response, like in the videos you’ve seen of cats freaking out about cucumbers (don’t put a cucumber on the ground to scare your cat; it’s mean and it truly frightens them).

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