Search Mr. Biscuit on Google; You’ll Find Anything but This Blog

Search Mr. Biscuit on Google; You’ll Find Anything but This Blog

Unless you go to page 11, as I discovered when I searched incognito. What will you find instead? At least one dog, a rapper, an Australian magician, a restaurant, a football player… There’s way too many Mr. Biscuits.

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Back to My Old Self

Back to My Old Self

Today, I went to one of my many veterinarians. This one is my eye doctor, who joined the Biscuit Care Team a few weeks ago when my left pupil grew all big. After about a month of drops, my eye was looking fine, and the tests she did last week seemed to agree. That’s when we stopped doing the drops. Today was the check-up visit to see how I was holding up.

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Actually, Cats Are Sweet, Affectionate Creatures

You might think we know everything there is to know about cats. After all, you can find us felines all over the world, and everyone knows we rule the internet. There are entire sites dedicated to us, a whole category of memes, and endless social media accounts. But research into cats is woefully lacking.

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Blame the Bearded Human

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no blog post yesterday. The bearded human has family visiting, so the blog will resume its silly content this week. That being said, The Mr. Biscuit Comic #5 is out now for all patrons at It only costs $1 a month to get every comic two days early, plus your name in the first printed collection. The best part, of course, is that you’re helping Biscuit.

Check it out and thanks for your support, monetary or otherwise!

ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

You may have seen my non-reviews on this very blog before. The movies, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, were appropriate objects of critique based on their strong animal themes, something they share with a game I just played. ABZU—available on PS4, XBOX One, Switch, and PC—is a colorful adventure wherein you hang out with lots of marine creatures. My back-of-the-box quote: “I never thought a great white shark would become my best friend.

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Humans Moving My Cheese

Yesterday was exhausting. If you’ve lived with humans for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced one of their more annoying habits. No, I don’t mean forced cuddles. And no, I don’t mean kicking us in their sleep, or forcefully holding us over a humidifier and then washing our faces. Wait, that last one is just me? Whatever. I mean moving stuff around.

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The Litter Report

A few weeks ago, my bipedal staff decided to switch from clay litter to pine pellets. Let me tell you, it was rather traumatizing. One day, these kitties go from seeing fake dirt in their boxes to those little sticks that provoke an instinctual threat response, like in the videos you’ve seen of cats freaking out about cucumbers (don’t put a cucumber on the ground to scare your cat; it’s mean and it truly frightens them).

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In Which I Throw Butterscotch in the Ring

Here’s the deal: I don’t know what to write this week. You may have noticed that this post is published much later than usual in the day, and that would be because the papa was busy working and playing. Yes, humans try to pass us off as irresponsible because all we do is sleep, eat, and play, but that’s a little hypocritical of them. Anyway, this delay did not help.

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