ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

You may have seen my non-reviews on this very blog before. The movies, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, were appropriate objects of critique based on their strong animal themes, something they share with a game I just played. ABZU—available on PS4, XBOX One, Switch, and PC—is a colorful adventure wherein you hang out with lots of marine creatures. My back-of-the-box quote: “I never thought a great white shark would become my best friend.

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Mr. Biscuit’s Non-Review of Captain Marvel

“Wait a minute, Mr. Biscuit,” you may be saying, and thank you for using my proper title. “Captain Marvel is not a cat-themed movie.” From what I understand, it is the story of a woman with superpowers and a ginger cat named Goose fighting shape-shifting aliens. If that’s not in my wheelhouse, I don’t know what is.

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The Textile Taste Test

As a two-year old cat who likes to take a nibble out of basically everything, but mostly fabric, the time has come to put my vast experience to good use. I now boast a sophisticated palate and the desire to share my expertise with my readers. Sit back, grab a bite of your favorite woobie, and tour the textile world with yours truly.

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Mr. Biscuit’s Non-Review of Black Panther

Your favorite feline blogger had every intention of writing a comprehensive review of the most important cat flick released in his lifetime. Unfortunately, Mr. Biscuit was not allowed to see it because of alleged rules against animals in theaters. Preposterous, I know. Instead, I will share with you my personal version of what I believe the movie to be. Get ready for a treat!

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