Biscuit and Butterscotch lying in the sun and celebrating two years home

Two Years Home

Five days ago was the two-year anniversary of my adoption, the day when my humans became my humans. I had just been flown into town with a bunch of other cats and dogs when they came to visit me. They had seen my gorgeous mug online and couldn’t resist.

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Blame the Bearded Human

As you may or may not have noticed, there was no blog post yesterday. The bearded human has family visiting, so the blog will resume its silly content this week. That being said, The Mr. Biscuit Comic #5 is out now for all patrons at It only costs $1 a month to get every comic two days early, plus your name in the first printed collection. The best part, of course, is that you’re helping Biscuit.

Check it out and thanks for your support, monetary or otherwise!

ABZU: The Mr. Biscuit Review

You may have seen my non-reviews on this very blog before. The movies, Black Panther and Captain Marvel, were appropriate objects of critique based on their strong animal themes, something they share with a game I just played. ABZU—available on PS4, XBOX One, Switch, and PC—is a colorful adventure wherein you hang out with lots of marine creatures. My back-of-the-box quote: “I never thought a great white shark would become my best friend.

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