A Love of Woobies

Woobie: Any blanket or throw made of sufficiently soft material designed to be used on random furniture or even the floor, as befits the mood.


A woobie is ideal for a cat because it is made to be versatile; as such, one of its chief characteristics is mobility. Whether I want to lie on the bed, the sofa, or even a human, a woobie can just be thrown on there to keep me comfortable. But wait!, you may be thinking. Isn’t that just a throw? Oh, you silly bipedals.

A throw can be constructed of any old fabric. Some are not fabric at all! They are also generally placed on a specific piece of furniture and left there. Really, they should be called stays. As the definition says, a woobie is soft and nomadic. Indeed, when you think about it this way, is it any wonder a cat should love them? We are the same.


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