A Raid on my Hoard

A thief in the night. I had just retrieved one of my precious nail files when it happened: a raid.

There is a sanctity to the stash! As cats well know, everything is a toy to humans, and so we must hide the objects that have the most value to us. One goes to the trouble of finding a location not easily accessible to humans. One then amasses items of value, stealthily, over time. But humans are nosy and eventually find the hoard.

If my exposure to human history has taught me anything, it is that they cannot stand witnessing a pile bigger than theirs. They must acquire it; it is instinctual. My sanctuary was thus desecrated by a burglar, who sneaked in like a Hobbit and robbed me of my possessions.

Training humans is hard work.


3 thoughts on “A Raid on my Hoard

  1. That nail file wasn’t yours! You are the little thief in the night, Mr. Biscuit. And stop stealing my mail, it’s a federal crime!

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