A Tree in My House

Did my humans go insane or were they trying to please me, I wondered when I first beheld the tree in my living room. It would certainly make me happy if they let me play in its branches, but they are doing their best to keep me away. Insanity it is.

Or so I thought. Searching “why is there a tree in my house” yielded no satisfactory answer on Google, but a deeper investigation revealed this was a Christmas tree. I remember there was a small one last year made of ceramic with light-up birds all over. This year, they went for the real article.

Why would you cut a perfectly good tree and put it in your living room to watch it slowly die over the weeks? We do strange things in the name of tradition. Perhaps it makes humans feel closer to their log-cutting past. At least it smells good, and pictures tell me it will soon be littered with boxes I can happily tear into.

I think I like these “holidays.” Fragrant food and foliage, colorful presents to dismantle… It sounds like the perfect time of the year for a cat. Stay tuned to learn of my festive exploits.


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