A Very Special Day

July 15 is a day to celebrate a very special person. Not only should it take over my blog, it should flood the Internet and be broadcast worldwide, as all important Mr. Biscuit announcements should. Today is the Mama’s birthday.

The Mama is the one who has to do all the hard stuff. She cleans my face when discharges from my eyes and nostrils become too much for me to deal with. She gives me all of the medication the vets think I need to take (and sometimes I do). She clips my claws when they grow too long. In short, she takes care of me in the most thankless ways.

The Mama also brings home all of my toys, and then she plays with me. She brushes me, which I love. She gives me treats and, most importantly, unwavering love even when I destroy most things made from fabric. Upholstery is one of my food groups. Also, I understand she is the one who wanted to go see me when she was thinking of adopting a new cat, so there’s that.

For all that you do, thank you, human. I love you, if love is that feeling you get when you find a kibble on the floor hours after feeding time. Happy birthday!


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