Adroit Thievery

We have established that there are items I hold dear and try to keep away from prying hands. We also know that I sometimes have to resort to dubious means to secure these objects from soft-minded humans. I have a confession to make: there is a certain thrill in appropriating these trophies.


A successful theft is first and foremost a display of skill on the part of the cat, who is naturally adept at sneaking. Graceful stealth is part of our nature; we are the modern heirs to the ninja of yore. Earlier this week, I performed one such act of light-handedness when my human pulled a tea bag out of her purse. It was quick and silent, and she knew not what had happened when it was gone.

bblog12-1This new trophy is now safe in my stash. I must say, the woman does have taste, for the smell emanating from that bag is heavenly. Its creators must also be the discerning sort, because it bears the picture of a cat. Hm… I wonder what it could mean.

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