After 100 Blog Posts, I Need a Nap

Here we are! The big 100, by my count. It is also the final weekly post for The Mr. Biscuit Blog.

Throughout my time at the head of this one-cat operation, I have written pieces I am proud of, and some that could easily disappear down the drain of Internet amnesia. But I am a cat. The transitory nature of my capacity to pay attention to anything means that my focus has drifted away from this blog.

I’ll go see what’s over there

The Mr. Biscuit Comic will remain and will be the focus of this site. I will write blog posts as needed to update my faithful readers as to the status of my health and other developments I feel like sharing.

I would like to thank the few of you that consistently read this word vomit. Only your support kept my paws typing this long. But it’s time to move on to the next phase of Mr. Biscuit stardom! So please keep reading and sharing the comic if you enjoy it.

Time for the Butterscotch blog? No? Aw

Signing off, not for the last time, I am Mr. Biscuit. And I need a nap.

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