An Intruder!

Just as I was winding down for the night, it rang through the house. I had heard its like before, but never so close. This meow was coming from my yard.

I rushed to the screen door and there it was, a humongous beast of a cat. When it roared, the mesh shook, so strong was its cry. Its stomach was so big I could have fit inside, and I am no small thing.

But the intensity of the battle cry is not determined by size alone. I howled and yowled, and despite its physical advantage, it saw ferocity in my amber eyes, and I saw fear as its fur stood erect. Fearing the feeble screen door would not be able to hold me inside, the intruder ran from my territory.

I still stand vigil at the door and from my perch at each window, but it was not heard from since. It knows better than to step on my land again and risk the fury of a predator such as I!


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