An Off Week

Please forgive my lack of activity this week. These past few days have been weird for me, as I could swear my humans were rising out of bed an hour earlier, yet the clock displayed the same time as it usually does. This led to a week that just felt off.

I would be tempted to think they made a mistake operating their timekeeping device if it were not for the fact that all of their clocks agree. Furthermore, the rest of the world seemed to follow this new rhythm, based on observations from my window. Truly, bipedal society is a strange place.

Not only were the humans more sluggish than normal, but I was also affected. The all-important napping and sleeping schedules were all out of whack, and I was hungrier than usual while I overslept. Thankfully, things are getting back on track and I feel like my young, energetic self again, hence this post.


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