Back to My Old Self

Today, I went to one of my many veterinarians. This one is my eye doctor, who joined the Biscuit Care Team a few weeks ago when my left pupil grew all big. After about a month of drops, my eye was looking fine, and the tests she did last week seemed to agree. That’s when we stopped doing the drops. Today was the check-up visit to see how I was holding up.

That luxurious coat!

And I’m doing pretty great! The mama is even complaining about how naughty I am. Indeed, I feel like my old self again. The medication in one of the drops I was taking causes drowsiness, which is why I spent a few weeks basically just napping. It wasn’t much fun for the bearded human’s mother and sister, who flew all the way from Canada just to see yours truly. I’ll eat your shoelaces next time, I promise.

So yeah, my eyes are okay for now. You can see my pupils are still not the same size, though. What’s a little odd is that I can breathe normally. There’s no snortle, no Darth-Vader cat. Where did it go? When is it coming back? Mysteries for my regular vets to dwell on, when I return to see them in a couple of weeks. Me, I’m just enjoying having energy again and being able to kick brother’s butt.

Spending more time together now

Though I did hear something about having my blood drawn to see if I’m still anemic and all that. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate needles? They just make my hackles rise. So I wish those poor techs good luck, because they’ll need it! This kitty’s motor is fully recharged and more than ready to run through a few innocent bystanders to get the hell out of Dodge.

I’ll keep you posted, faithful readers.

Yours truly, handsomely

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