Best Pictures of the Year

The title is pretty self-explanatory. You will find herein the best pictures of the year from The Mr. Biscuit Blog. They are mostly of me, but I will try to include one or two of Butterscotch.

Draped in the finest cloth.
Lying on the cat tree’s highest platform.
Napping, as warm as can be.
I like to go exploring.
My best pictures tend to be in sunbeams.
A phone in my face. Again.
I also like to play with toys.
And take tours of my domain.
But nothing quite so much as lying in the sun.
Or maybe eating. Feed me, human.
Exhibit D.
You know I love my woobies.
A serious candidate for best picture.
Yeah well, wait until your nose is all stuffed up.
Stretching in the sun.
Woobie, part deux.
There. You got some Butterscotch.
I’m not fat. It’s called a primordial pouch. More about this in a later blog.
Butterscotch likes the sunbeams too.
But not as much as I do.
This is how photogenic he is.
This is how photogenic I am.
That’s a bit better.
Cute cat picture
But this is even better.
Water fascinates me.
Well, this has been hard. Time for a nap.
Am I not the cutest?

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