Biscuit Takes a Walk

Some go on walks to ease their mind. Others are looking for fresh air. I just want to explore my yard.

As previously noted on this here blog, I sometimes have the opportunity to do so, albeit in very limited fashion. The pictures tell the story: I am basically a feline prisoner allowed to spend a few moments in the sun. My harness should remind you of nothing if not a straight-jacket, and have you seen the size of that leash? Ridiculous! You would think this little kitten a tiger.

Mr. Biscuit may be as regal as a tiger, but he is also more cunning. Oh, I will let them strap the horrible vest to my chest and I will sheepishly walk around the yard without pulling too hard. Eventually, the humans will become complacent, thinking me tame. That is when I shall make my escape.

I only hope they never read this.


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