Butterscotch’s Many Names

We’ve already discussed what my people call me. Since there’s a new cat in the house, you may deduce he’s also acquired a few nicknames. You’d be right.

Our staff’s propensity for labeling everything is partly to blame for this. Actually, the rest of the blame falls squarely on them too. It comes down to Butterscotch’s name itself. It’s really long, weighing in at three and a half syllables, and it’s two words shoved together. We’ve established that humans aren’t the smartest species around. Long names confuse them.

The formula of compound words starting with the letter B has given rise to Butterscotch’s many nicknames, when they aren’t simply calling him Derp (though that is entertaining). He is thus called Basketweave, Basketball, Baskerville (thanks, Sherlock), Beetlejuice, Butternut Squash, and other unsavory things a shade too vulgar for my blog.

There will no doubt be more of them over the years and I look forward to cataloging them here for everyone’s enjoyment. I never knew writing about another cat would be so much fun.


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