Departed Toys, Part II

As there were too many precious toys to be relegated to a single post, it became necessary to write this second edition. This also allows me to really milk the topic for all it is worth. But I jest! On with the inventory.

bblog14-3My next possession to prove too fragile was Moosey. He was a furry friend who was there for me when I needed him most: when I wanted to bite on something soft and feel it squeeze between my fangs. Licking him was also enjoyable. I still remember the taste of his antlers.


bblog13-4Do not let the picture fool you: the humans actually cut this toy in three pieces. The leaves had been mysteriously torn open, so they cut them off to let me play with the middle part. It did not last much longer. This one was filled with mint, catnip’s secret cousin. No wonder I found it so appealing.


I saved the best for last. Was this meant to be a fox? That is my belief, although it was hard to tell even before its face went missing. This toy, comprised of a hard head and a soft body that became separated through no fault of my own, was an all-time favourite. I absolutely loved carrying it around in my mouth and throwing it into the air or batting it across the floor. Alas, it must have been made to be disassembled, for that was its ultimate fate. It has been greatly missed.

There may be another Departed Toys post in the future, depending on the quality of the humans’ offerings, but this is it for now. Next time, we will broach another topic altogether. I just need a nap before I figure out what it will turn out to be.


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