Name: Biscuit, Condition: Mysterious

Another week, another visit to the vet! My frequent-flyer miles are off the chart. What was wrong this time? I couldn’t stop going to the litter box because I felt like I always had to pee.

Did you know this is the 99th blog post?

I’m better now. It wasn’t an infection or even a kidney stone. Rather, it was a mysterious condition called feline idiopathic cystitis (FIC). They don’t quite know what causes it, which is the story of my life. What causes my permanent snortle, for which I have to take a pill every day? A mysterious condition. Tests have been run, I tell you. Many tests. They all come back negative.

But the pee thing went away after a few days with the help of other medication. I’m always on something. During that time, I also had a nosebleed. My humans were freaking out over it. It’s no big deal for a cat like me. I’ve seen it all at this point. The worse part was that they LEFT ME AT THE CLINIC.

I have it on good authority that I’m handsome

That it was the second time it happened didn’t make this visit any better. I spent months in shelters when I was but a wee kitten; when my humans do this to me, I’m afraid I’ll never see them again. I can’t help it. Anyway, I urinated for the vet and the bearded human came back to get me. He got the silent treatment for a while, but he gave good pettings, so I forgave him.

It’s back to business as usual here, although holiday packages are starting to arrive. I wonder if they got something for me?

That paying my vet bill was my Christmas present was a joke, right? Right?

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