Fifty Blog Posts

Yes, this is the fiftieth proper blog post written by yours truly. Are you as astounded as I am? Whoever said dedication and attention aren’t feline attributes?

I would be the first to say so. Maybe I’m wrong. After all, when it comes to getting my humans up in the morning, I am pretty dedicated. My hunger also never lets up. Once it has a hold on me, its claws only dig deeper until I feel like starvation is imminent. When that happens, a couple of times a day, my attention is laser-focused.

Perhaps that means we still have a lot to learn about cats. There are posts to be written yet, discoveries to be made. We embark on a bold, new adventure here on The Mr. Biscuit Blog. Or maybe I’ll get bored and move on to something else. What can I say? I’m a cat.

Will nature take its course or will you get tons of cute pictures for another fifty posts? All I know is that I need a nap.

Please throw my mummy ball.

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