Get off My Lawn!

No educational blog post this week, dear readers. I have more pressing matters on my mind. It happened again, you see. A couple of nights ago, by the light of our new solar lamps, Butterscotch and I saw something that made our fur stand on edge: a dirty, brazen intruder!

Maybe he thought the dark of night would conceal his presence. Maybe he wanted to check out our newfangled lighting apparatus. Maybe he is a regular reader who knew it was just about dinner time for me. Whatever the case, he decided he could use a stroll through our yard.

Biscuit and Butterscotch both looking out the back door.
Still on guard.

My brother and I were up in arms about this intrusion. We wanted nothing more than to go out there and chase him off. Who does he think he is, parading around in his black coat, showing off his white socks and tie? Tuxedo cat indeed.

But therein lies the problem. The humans will not let us outside. The Ginger Dangers can’t enforce their territory’s boundaries, and so any old critter can just waltz on through. I won’t stand for this. By wiles, wit, or force of will, I will get my staff to let me patrol the yard. It is, after all, my province.

But first, I need a nap.

Biscuit sleeping in his bed.

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