Hakuna matata?

Like any descendant of the jungle tribes worth his salt, I tend to live in accordance with certain principles. Collectively, one might refer to these as a philosophy. Mine even comes with its own catchy name: Always Be Licking.


What does that entail, I hear you ask? First, we have to define licking. Long-time readers remember that we discussed it previously, but for newer eyes, it boils down not only to grooming members of your tribe for cleanliness, but also as a bonding mechanic to let them know that they are appreciated, that they belong. Thus, tongue demonstrations help all participants relax and get rid of their stress and anxieties.

This sums up my philosophy nicely. Always let your kin know that they deserve to be tidy, that they have a place in your heart, and that they can rest easy. Always be licking.


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