How Can a Cat Write a Blog?

When I tried to explain blogging to Butterscotch, he looked really confused. Maybe that’s just his face. I showed him the keyboard, but he has big paws and has trouble hitting the keys. His lack of familiarity with technology and the general sparseness of feline bloggers, taken together, lead to an obvious question: How do I do it?

The first step to writing a blog post is coming up with an idea. In my case, it usually happens when I’m scratching my ears or giving myself a bath, the kind of routine activity that requires very little thought, leaving my mind free to wander. When I have my idea, I figure out roughly what I’m going to say on the subject, and then I type it out. As I hinted earlier, this is exactly what it sounds like: tapping the keyboard with my paws.

I may use the bearded human’s computer at this stage or the mama’s. It’s funny when she comes home and asks him if he’s used her laptop, when it was in fact yours truly setting up a post or catching up on the ol’ Twitter feed. Another part of the process is the pictures, for which I rely entirely on my humans and their phones, but sorting through them can be a long process since nine out of ten pictures are too blurry to be of use to anyone.

I read through my text, add pictures, hit Publish, and voilà! The Mr. Biscuit Blog expands. That’s how I operate, and though I tried teaching Butterscotch, it appears I’ll remain the one and only blogger for the time being. I’m not too torn up about it.


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