How Not to Feed Your Cat

You should give your cats their food at the same time, whenever they are hungry. That’s the cardinal rule of feeding the felines that have to put up with you. Or at least it should be.

But this isn’t how things work in this household. Long-time readers know I get my kibbles and the nightly wet food at specific times: 10 AM, 4 PM, and 10 PM. This schedule creates long intervals during which I am literally starving to death, but I have learned to be patient because I know it’s easier on my humans, and every once in a while I give them hell for making me wait so long.

That was fine and dandy for that first year. Then, Butterscotch came along. Somehow, he can just rub on their long legs and get fed whenever he wants. What’s worse, I can’t even eat the food in his bowl, which used to be my bowl, thank you very much. Not even when he leaves a ton of it behind. What kind of cat just walks away from a dish that still has noms in it?

There is clearly an injustice here. I have to suffer through hours of waiting, while he gets it just by asking. At least I get to sleep on the bed at night. Take that!


Oh, and I should plug my bearded human’s blog, clearly inspired by yours truly. He started it to help launch his “writing career.” Good luck with that. He doesn’t deserve my celebrity-status publicity in light of today’s topic, but I’m nice, so there.

2 thoughts on “How Not to Feed Your Cat

  1. You certainly have suffered with the change from Daylight Saving to Standard time this past week, poor thing.

    1. It was the worst. I received my snack at the proper time the first morning, but then the bearded human kept waiting longer and longer to feed me until we were back on schedule. Ugh.

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