I Have A Problem

They are so tasty. Long and thin, like they were made for the space between my fangs. Chewing them simply enrages the humans. I am talking, of course, of cords.

bblog30-2Feline fellows assuredly know of this delicacy. Humans have them all over the house, connecting a multitude of devices to outlets set in the walls or on great, big bars. It is rubber pasta for the kitty and the tramp.

But this is an intervention of sorts, because I  cannot stop eating them. They just snap so neatly! I forget they are not toys, and, really, everything in my house is a toy. But the bipedal staff is very fond of these cords and scolds me when I snap yet another one. Despite my need to chew them up, they keep replacing them, and it was when they started wrapping them in these long sleeves that I realized the depth of my problem.

I am not certain I can stop. They are left ever so close, tantalizingly within reach. I suppose I will give it an honest try. Maybe.


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