In Memory of Departed Toys, Part I

Many toys have been offered by my humans. Some are just not made to last. I do not know what happens exactly.

bblog13-1For some reason, they end up ripped or destroyed. They were clearly not made for gentle cat play. That being said, some were dear to me and will be eulogized here, on my blog. First, we have the mast of my pirate ship. See the branch on the right with strange tufts of blue sticking out? There used to be another bird there. Its remains were never found.

bblog13-3Next, we have the bone, although its inclusion may be contested in some quarters because it was technically a favorite of that other cat we call Mathayus to protect her privacy. I can understand why she enjoyed it, as it was filled with catnip. Its age was certainly a factor in its demise, because it only lasted a few weeks after I got my paws on it, while she had it for years. That is indeed the most sensible explanation.



bblog13-2Finally, we have what was surely my most beloved plaything, Birdie. Its rattle made funny noises when thrown, but my favourite feature was definitely the feathers. I could lie down and lick Birdie until it was so soaked the humans did not want to touch it anymore. Good times. Oh! How I miss thee.


There are other toys I am keeping for a future post. I fear this must give you the mistaken impression that I am rougher than they can handle, but this is far from the truth. If anything, I am a sweet, innocent kitten who would never hurt a fly. Just paw at it a little.


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