Introducing Butterscotch

My loyal followers have figured it out by now, but I might as well spell it out: the humans have brought home a new cat. His name is Butterscotch. I have mixed feelings on the matter.

On the one hand, what the hell, humans?! You’re MY staff, this is MY house, and it’s full of MY toys. Am I just supposed to share them because you brought home a charity case? Not cool. On the other hand, it can get pretty lonely as the only cat of the house. And cold. Having some feline company might not be all that bad.

So I tried to approach him and make friends. I keep trying, in fact, because it’s not an easy process. How he can resist my charms is beyond me; there might be a smidgen of jealousy in there. Maybe in a few days we’ll be nuzzling, cuddling, and playing in earnest. I just have to win him over. He can’t be holding a grudge because I chased him around at first, right? I was defending my territory; he understands.

Play with me!

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