It’s a Butterscotch Life

If the latest Snapshot had you thinking that Butterscotch doesn’t get his due on the blog, this post is for you. Never mind it’s called The Mr. Biscuit Blog.

You know what my days are like. But what about Butterscotch? What does he do all day? The answer to that question is not much. In the morning, you might find him watching TV on grandma’s bed. He is very much a fan of napping. And bathing. His whole afternoon is usually a mix of those two activities.

That may not be an entirely fair description. Butterscotch also likes to play. He loves when humans throw balls he can chase. When a five-fingered hand isn’t available, he’ll do it all by his lonesome: we have a big ring with a ball that rolls around it. I never played much with it, but he can entertain himself with that toy for what seems like hours.

Throughout the day, he’ll rub on the humans’ legs to beg for food. For some reason, that works. He gets food whenever he wants it. It is the greatest injustice of my life. Maybe it is because he only eats three mouthfuls and walks away, while I never leave a crumb behind. That’s just because I don’t want it to go to waste. I’m a good cat. Butterscotch is just a cat.

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