Jail Time

Humans have a weird sense of right and wrong. Thanks to my education, which consists mostly of reading Wikipedia pages in my spare time, I know they have spent millennia pondering such heady topics as ethics and morality. As a result, they have become secure enough in their position as philosophers that they can decide which feline behaviour is “naughty” and which is nice.

When my humans consider me too naughty, they put me in my carrier. What I have read on child rearing calls this a time-out. Despite being a full-grown cat, I have no say in the matter, and to protest I run under the bed and make it such a chore to catch me that they will think twice the next time they try to imprison me.

Training humans is hard work, as previously discussed, but eventually they will realize it is not worth the effort. This is for your own good, you dear, misguided bipedals.


How can such a sweet cat be naughty?

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