Lavatory Adventures

I am quite the adventurer. Curiosity drives me to explore my surroundings and especially places that are normally inaccessible. As such, sneaking into cupboards is always high on my list of priorities when my human staff is in the kitchen, but there are other cupboards elsewhere. Like in the bathroom.

I am regularly left to my own devices. The mama is gone all day, and sometimes the bearded human leaves the house and goes chasing squirrels, hunting birds, and scaring off dogs. That’s what humans do outside, right? On this particular occasion, he was gone and the coast was clear. I had a pretty good idea how to proceed and there was no one to stop me, so I went to the vanity and set about opening the doors. The moment I succeeded stands out as a personal triumph.

When he came back, he was so worried he didn’t even scold me. I don’t know what the big deal was. I just went in there, ate my fill of toilet paper, pushed a bunch of bottles around, and took a nap. So what if some of that peroxide stuff leaked? It was more annoying to me! My whole tail was wet and part of my posterior too. He proceeded to wash it off, which made me wetter still.

Until that moment, I was having a great time. Humans always ruin our fun. It won’t keep me from seeking out more adventures, though, and it will be my pleasure to relate them to you. Until next time!

Notice the wetness.

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