Miscellaneous Musings

When I awoke this morning, I couldn’t settle on a good topic for my cat column. My thoughts were all over the place. So I decided to wrangle them into a ball and throw it at this white wall. Let’s look at all the fun splotches, shall we?

I mentioned waking up, so let’s start there. Lately, I’ve developed a new habit: sleeping on the papa’s pillow. And I don’t mean during the day. I mean all night. This is my house, after all. Everything inside belongs to me. As it happens, the pillow is comfortable, and the human keeps me warm. Sometimes, I try to groom his unkempt hair, but he has no appreciation for my feline saliva. Too bad for him.

Butterscotch looking out the back door

Here’s another name to add to the list of what they call me: Snortle. How unoriginal. I can’t help it that I snort. Speaking of which, I was very snotty about a week ago. My eyes were always leaking and there was constantly something in my nose I couldn’t quite sneeze all the way out. Fortunately, the mama has started giving me a new pill, or rather a fourth of a pill, and now I can breathe, eat, and smell just fine. Let’s hope this keeps up.

These past couple of days, I’ve been enjoying the Squirrel Wars. The grey gang is fighting the black gang over the cul-de-sac and its trees. They were even moving their young around. The pictures you’re seeing in today’s post are of Butterscotch and I tracking their movements in our backyard.

That’s it for the weekly update. Check in next time for another interesting showcase on the history of cats. It can’t be as interesting as my life, but I’ll Biscuit it up as best I can!

Biscuit, from above, looking at the camera

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