Mr. Biscuit, World Traveler

This week, I was subjected to one of the longest trips of my life. I think we even crossed an ocean. Is that possible? Geography isn’t my strength.

Even overseas, they knew who I was.

It may not have been as long as my flight from Texas to the Pacific Northwest, but it was close. I have not talked about this much on my blog, but I am a great traveler. I go into my carrier without fighting the humans. The bearded one sits in the back of the car with me and opens the door. I get to look out the window at the moving scenery, which is a passing strange experience, let me tell you.

One time, I accidentally rolled down the window while putting my front paws on the armrest. I stayed in the car, but if your cat is not as well-behaved as yours truly, you might want to make sure the window-operating mechanism is locked.

So they brought me to a different vet this time. I don’t know why I need to see so many “professionals.” I suppose they know how special I am; they want to make sure I receive the best care possible to keep me hale and hearty.

Just please don’t schedule appointments at my breakfast time again. I was so hungry. And stop trying to take my temperature. I don’t have a fever!

Time for a well-deserved nap.

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