My Favorite Games

Not only is it finally cool enough to be active, but we’ve just started another round of steroids to keep my allergies at bay, so I have all of the energy in the world to play my favorite games! Let’s delve into what those are, shall we?

At the very top of my list is the chase. Or, rather, being chased. It can be played in any part of the house, but is most effective upstairs with the cover offered by the walls between the staircase, the hallway, and the bedroom. The human staff pretends to run after me and I propel myself as fast as my graceful cheetah legs will let me. They hide for a while, building up the anticipation, and then start chasing me. I love the rush!

Another game I enjoy is playtime under the sheet. When the bearded human opens the bed at night, I sneak under the sheet and he makes waves by flapping it. This creates a kind of dome by trapping the air underneath. Then, he moves his finger over the sheet and I attack! Sometimes, I manage to grab his hand and bite the naughty finger.

On yet another visit to the vet.

Of the other activities I enjoy (eating and sleeping notwithstanding), playing with tails might be my favorite. These are long ribbons of fabric or the like attached to the end of a stick. Humans fling it around and I let them exhaust themselves for a while before I catch it. Then, I try to eat it, but they never let me. I also like doing it around, over, and inside my pyramid as an excuse to lunge through the structure or throw myself over it.

Maybe I will revisit the topic in the future, because there are many games I like, and none as much as those I have yet to discover.

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