My Many Names

I am given an extraordinary array of names throughout any given day, and so today I decided to give you a sample of the various appellations the humans use to refer to yours truly.

Rarely do they simply call me Biscuit. Sometimes, they use the appropriate title, but most of the time, they insist on saying Biscuit Boo. This has led me to believe that my last name is Boo, an assumption as yet unconfirmed. Related to this name is Kitty Boo Two, ostensibly because the older cat, Mathayus, is called Kitty Boo.

Several times a day, I am also “the baby” or Baby Cat, even though I am a grown kitty, thank you very much. Then, there are the more out-there nicknames. A song heard during a road trip apparently inspired my rapper name, Biscuity Biscuity Boo Kat, and, of course, I also have a pirate name: Buccaneer Biscuit.

Who are you calling a fat baby?

Lastly, when I am being especially naughty, Butthead is flung my way. The implication is that I have a butt for a head and I resent it. There are others, but these are the main labels stuck to my fur, like so many fleas, and they constitute a good look into the daily life of the one, the only, Mr. Biscuit.

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