My New Privacy Policy

As I surf around the Internet, I see more and more people talking about companies and moral entities updating their privacy policy. Since I am a moral kitty, I figured it was about time I disclosed my own policy.

What are you trying to hide?

First, I expect to be left alone during my semi-hourly naps, except when I roll over to receive petting. Mr. Biscuit in no way guarantees the same will hold true when you nap, human.

Second, I expect full access to the bathroom when any human intends to use the facilities. Mr. Biscuit will not be kept from the premises, as he has human research to conduct, and may need to use his own waste-disposal box, which takes precedence over any bipedal function.

Finally, any and all closed doors will be subject to incessant banging against its frame so long as it remains closed or until Mr. Biscuit tires of the activity. Privacy is a privilege I enjoy as master of this household; this privilege is not shared by the staff, unless I allow it on a case-by-case basis.

Now that is a privacy policy! Feline entities of the world are welcome to use it as a template for their own set of rules.

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