New Item on the Menu: Tiny Owls

Up until this week, I thought owls only came in large, scary varieties. Imagine my surprise when I discovered there were in fact multiple species of tiny owls. Imagine my delight.

You may already be familiar with the burrowing owl, a strange bird that decided it would rather live in a burrow than a nest, as it says on the tin. They’re fine, but that scowl of theirs says stay away. I’ll heed that warning. Instead, let’s feast our eyes on the Northern Saw-whet owl.

Source: Kathy and Sam, from Beaverton, OR

Aren’t they adorable? They always look surprised, much like Butterscotch. And they’re so fluffy. I bet they would make great tacos. That picture was taken nearby, so there must be some around my area. I’ll be on the lookout. The problem is that they have great hearing, and I can’t always help my snorts. Who knew asymmetrical ears would be the ticket for pinpoint sound localization?

Source: Wikipedia

Then, there’s this little one. Meet the flammulated owl, thus name because it tastes better on the grill. Probably. It’s only six inches tall, so there’s not much meat there, but enough for a decent meal. They eat even smaller rodents if they can find them, but otherwise subsist on insects. Honestly, it sounds like a good diet.

Owl sandwiches could also be the basis for a good diet. These little birdies could be the new game hens. There’s a whole world of duck and chicken recipes to adapt.

Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t need my prey cooked. I’m more of a raw protein kitty. Plus, I like to play with feathers.

I don’t ALWAYS look surprised, okay?

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