No, Really, Cats Like Humans

At least I do. You may have gotten a different impression by reading my blog, but if I rant, it is because I love. Whew, writing that without snickering was quite a challenge. But seriously, I like my people, and all cats do on some level, no matter how wretched they may seem to the untrained eye.

The biggest thing humanity has brought to the world is what we appreciate most: houses. No, they didn’t invent shelters, but they revolutionized the concept. There are houses everywhere, except in the most desolate, hostile places of this planet. Without them, we’d have to find dens to steal, or maybe sleep on tree branches or on the plain old ground, like lions. While the notion of stalking the forest like our feral cousins is undeniably romantic, it’s also wet and cold. And there’s snakes out there.

Snakes? I don’t like snakes.

Likewise, hunting is in our blood. Many of you are probably “outdoor cats,” which means you still hunt for your supper. But isn’t it nice to know there will always be a human there to put down a bowl of kibbles or the heavenly meal known colloquially as wet food? They may be a few minutes late sometimes, but it’s better than watching a bird fly away as your empty stomach twists in pain.

Comfort and security are thus humans’ biggest draws. However, there is another that should not be underestimated. They may call it love, but that’s yucky, so let’s go with affection. As far as I can tell, once you have it, a bipedal’s affection is undying. They’ll pet us, give us treats, buy us toys, and let us steal their warmth as we lie on soft woobies.

All the while, we never have to worry about territorial disputes or fighting for our meal, as we would with other cats, because humans lack any and all instinct. Who could ask for more?

Can you imagine that in the wild? He wouldn’t last a minute.

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