One Year of Butterscotch

Has it already been a year? On September 23, 2018, we introduced Butterscotch to the world. He had been with us for a couple of days; in fact, the anniversary of his adoption was yesterday, as we pointed out on social media.

At first, I wasn’t too sure if I liked him. Having another cat in the house was bound to change the family dynamic. He approached me innocently, but I was having none of it. In time, I grew curious, and he wary of me, since I had rebuffed his greetings. After a few days, we got used to each other and became ginger brothers.

A post all about me? Again?

My position atop the hierarchy was safe. As you can see, this isn’t The Butterscotch Blog. Let’s face it: you wouldn’t be here if it were. But I enjoy having a companion to keep me entertained, even though he can be super annoying when he wants to play and I don’t. Thankfully, I have the moves to defend myself. Mr. Biscuit, master of feline MMA.

I often hear the humans refer to Butterscotch as a “good cat.” Apparently, that means he doesn’t chew everything in sight or require much in the way of attention or care. Basically, he’s not me. Bully for him, but they have to admit I make things interesting.

Hey there. What can I get you?

Anyway, happy anniversary, bro. Here’s to many more years of Butterscotch keeping us a mellow bunch. It wouldn’t be the same without him.

The comic and Patreon

Good news, folk! The Patreon page is live, and you can check it out by clicking here. The second strip is nearly done and will be up for patrons later today, then two days later here and all over social media, as early access is an incentive to subscribe. Your support of this kitty through his webcomic is appreciated, whether it takes the form of subscribing on Patreon (for as low as $1 a month), from sharing the strips, or even from interacting with me on Twitter and Instagram.

I knew it wouldn’t be all about me.

As always, thanks for reading.

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