Our Relationship, More Than a Week In

As you can see from the picture, Butterscotch and I are getting along. Maybe I was protective of my territory at first, and maybe that made him cold toward me, but a little licking and a lot of wrestling broke down those early barriers.

I had my doubts when the humans brought home another cat. Was I not enough for them? How could they not be satisfied with The Mr. Biscuit Experience? Plus, given that Butterscotch is also a ginger, I was beginning to suspect some kind of fetish. After a couple of days, though, I understood: they brought him home for me!

And it is paying off. Butterscotch isn’t as active as I am, but he sure isn’t as boring as the staff, who can spend entire days just sitting in front of their screens. Now I have someone to stalk, chase, and hide from when the mood strikes me. It turns out that he also likes playing, and since he is innately friendly with the bipedals, everyone is pretty happy with this new situation.

By everyone, I also mean the cat known as Mathayus. She hates other cats, and she is old and frail, so she is content with spending her life in the younger human’s room, where she has a warm bed, food and water, and even a litter box. Everything is peachy in the Mr. Biscuit household.


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