Mr. Biscuit Reviews Beds

From “Hey, I could sleep on this” to “I never want to get up again,” I proudly present this week my ranking of all of my beds. Yes, they are all mine. Butterscotch gets to use them occasionally, that’s all.

Back of the couch

Comfortable, sure, and a great look-out spot to see what the humans are doing. The downside is that I can’t curl up or go into a deep sleep.

Rating: One pillow

The carrier

Not a bed per say, but I’ll occasionally stay inside after one of my many visits to the vet. It’s also a decent space in which I can feel safe and warm, owing to its small size and the holes on all sides, which allow me to keep an eye on my environment. It’s important for a vigilant cat like me.

Rating: Half a pillow

An actual pillow

Very comfortable. Its position atop the window desk also allows me to keep an eye on the backyard. The lack of sides means it’s far from my favorite place to lie down, but it will do in a pinch.

Rating: Full pillow

The cube

The cube is my perfect cave. It’s warm and comfortable, it has sides I can smoosh my face into, and I can curl inward to block the hole with my back, which is a great defense mechanism. The cube also benefits from being set on the couch instead of the hard floor.

Rating: Three pillows

Grandma’s bed

One of my favorite places for sure. Not only do I get to take up as much space as I want, but grandma’s room is usually super warm. I can sleep all afternoon while soaking up the heat.

Rating: A warm bed 🛏️

The purple woobie

Set under the window desk, the purple woobie is a decent fall-back spot if I want to stay near the humans around dinner time. It’s soft and I can shape it to my liking, but it’s also very open.

Rating: One pillow

The couch and its blanket

Solid choice. From there, I can see the whole living room and the kitchen. A favorite spot to watch the bearded human cook or when the family is watching TV. Comfortable, but it lets others join me on the couch, which can be both pleasant and annoying.

Rating: Half a couch 🛋️

Bed on desk

Also erroneously referred to as Butterscotch’s bed. This one is set on the bearded human’s desk. A fine choice if I want to stay close to him, keep an eye on the backyard, or just spite Butterscotch. It smells of him, so I don’t sleep in it much, but it’s got sides. Sides rule.

Rating: A smelly bed 🛏️

The humans’ bed

AKA my bed. This is the biggest and most comfortable one in the house. Its off-white woobie is soft, super comfy, and warm on cold autumn nights, especially when a human body is right there to give off heat. One of my top two places for sure.

Rating: Two beds and a pillow 🛏️ 🛏️

My bed, quite simply

This one sits in my room, close to the mama’s chair. It has sides, which you should know by now I love. I can lean against them and push my face in their fuzzy support. As a bonus, the humans have taken to placing a woobie on top so that I can be warm at night. I might never go back to their bed again.

Rating: One mighty bed 🛏️
Rating, with woobie: Three beds and all the pillows 🛏️ 🛏️ 🛏️

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