In Which I Throw Butterscotch in the Ring

Here’s the deal: I don’t know what to write this week. You may have noticed that this post is published much later than usual in the day, and that would be because the papa was busy working and playing. Yes, humans try to pass us off as irresponsible because all we do is sleep, eat, and play, but that’s a little hypocritical of them. Anyway, this delay did not help.


Since I didn’t have a hard-hitting topic prepared for this week, like feline leukemia or kitty-stalking, what’s a handsome fellow to do? Throw Butterscotch at the screen and see what sticks. Well, kind of. Writing is beyond his ability. Instead, I am going to put myself in his hide and pretend that it’s really my brother writing this post. Here we go.

Hello! I’m Butterscotch. Or Butterbutt. Or Derp. It’s really not clear what my name is. Living with humans is so confusing. Sometimes, they pet me because they like me. Other times, they act as if they like me, then pick me up and throw me on the bed. I don’t like that. My awesome brother Mr. Biscuit doesn’t like it either when that happens because he jumps onto the bed and attacks me. He’s less awesome when he does that.

That’s me!

When I go ask for food, sometimes they give me my bowl, but other times they deny me. I don’t know what the magic is. These mixed messages are hard on my little brain. I just want to do my regular cat stuff, like sleeping, eating, grooming twenty times a day, and playing with my ball. Oh my god my ball! I have this awesome ring with a scratcher in the middle, but the important part is the ring with the ball in it and I make it go fast and I hit it back and forth and it’s just fantastic and I could do it for hours on end!

I’m back. I had to make my ball go round and round for a little while. I also like playing with grandma’s toes. Especially when she’s sleeping. They move under the blanket and it’s like they’re a mouse or some other yummy crawly thing. I jump on them, catch them, bite them… It’s all good. Strings are good too. Brother and I both love strings, but what he really wants is to eat it, which is weird.

On grooming duty

And one of the things I like most is when the papa opens the back door in the morning. I can smell the breeze and its many scents and keep an eye on the critters that move through the backyard. Lastly, when I’m allowed to enter the mama’s room in the morning, I love to drink from our bowl in the bathroom. It’s just special.

This is Butterscotch, signing off for The Mr. Biscuit Blog. Don’t forget to follow us on the social places, but not too sneakily. I scare easily.

Nighty night

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