The Kitty-Watch Diary

Monday, Aug. 12: The kitten from next door played in the front yard today. He likes to chase bugs and hide under the big, white vehicle. I watched from my window and at the front door, where the bearded human sets up my stool so I can see through the glass. He seems to be having a grand old time, unaware that his every move is being watched.

Butterscotch sees something

Wednesday, Aug. 14: After a quiet day of standing guard, there is activity to report! Activity of the worst kind. The kitten was back in our backyard, in my province. I ran to the screen door and he hissed at me. It was a weak, pathetic, barely-audible attempt to scare me. I’m twice your size, kid. You wouldn’t win this fight.

Thursday, Aug. 15: He’s out there again, taunting Butterscotch and me with his carefree attitude. That’s alright, kiddo. I’ll be the one laughing when you’re trying to scratch your fleas off.

I need a day off

Friday, Aug. 16: Now the grey cat with white collar and paws is prowling around. He thinks we can’t see him, slinking his way across the top of the fence, but we totally can. I don’t like this fella. My tail fuzzed up just thinking about him.

Sunday, Aug. 18: What a day. At first, the grey cat was lying on the fence, thinking the leaves of the tree would hide him, but Butterscotch and I knew he was there. Then, the kitten wandered into the yard.

Like, omg

He didn’t see the big cat, not even when he went to the base of the same tree to roll around in the grass. What a sickening display of impudence. But then he realized he wasn’t alone out there and he nearly jumped out of his skin.

They stared at each other for a while before the grey cat climbed down the tree into our yard. The kitten kept his distance; this wasn’t their first encounter, and he knew the older cat isn’t friendly. A showdown was about to take place.

And then the bearded human ran into the backyard with a straw broom. The grey cat ran up the other tree (we have two) and hightailed it out of there. For his part, the kitten “hissed” again, hiding in the flowers, but the papa had no beef with him and went back inside with his makeshift weapon.

After that, the kitten kept a watchful eye on his surroundings, but that didn’t stop him from going crazy over our catnip plant. He must think he’s king of the world or something. I hope he goes away and never comes back!

Let’s see what goes down tomorrow.

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