Tail Flicks & Chill

You humans are such puzzling beings. You clean floors with scary hell-noise machines, brush your fangs with strong-smelling foam, and regularly cover your entire body with water. Strange, strange people. However, there is one thing you do that I understand: watching television.

I have my own shows I like to watch. Using the remote is challenging for my cat paws, so my humans put them on for me. They are nature shows, featuring squirrels, mice, and birds of all kinds. When it is time to lie down and commence the napping ritual, this is the programming I enjoy.

There are other shows I will watch if they are playing on my old human’s dedicated television. My favorite feature an animal “whisperer” of some kind, which is to say a bipedal who thinks he can communicate with us. Simply hilarious! My social-media friends and I keep making fun of them. One of my dreams is to one day be featured on such a program so that I can toy with the “expert.” One day, perhaps.


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