The Best Posts of the Year

At The Mr. Biscuit Blog, we pride ourselves on funny, snappy writing. It should shed light on the feline and human conditions both. With the end of the year fast approaching, we thought we would present the very best our blog has to offer. I should use the royal we more often.

First, find out what A Day in the Life of your favorite cat blogger looks like.

Are your people slow to get up in the morning? Check out How I Wake My Humans for some useful tips.

We will certainly remember 2018 as the year of privacy policies. Mine is way more entertaining.

By the way, How Can a Cat Write a Blog?

And how can he review a movie? Not very well, since he is not allowed in the theater. Still, he can imagine what a movie called Black Panther is about, in The Mr. Biscuit Blog’s most elaborate post ever.

“Mr Biscuit, I hear you chew up a lot of stuff.” You’re right, and I Blame It on Pica.

Baby cat is usually what my humans call me, among My Many Names. Such disrespect.

Did you also hear I steal stuff sometimes? I have a particular fondness for bread products.

I don’t think humans take cat hunger seriously enough. They need to listen to The Empty Belly Blues.

Finally, near the middle of the year, there was A Very Special Day for a very special mama.

We promise to bring you more of these entertaining and informative posts in the new year. Thank you for reading The Mr. Biscuit Blog.

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