The Phantom Light

Nothing less than a real-life mystery. Despite scouring the Internet for this phenomenon, I have found no conclusive answer. It toys with me when I lie down in my sunbeam and try to enjoy its warmth. Just what is that disappearing, dancing light?

It has to be a bug of some kind. At least, that is what I sometimes think as it seemingly flies up the wall or glides over the floor. Other times, I could swear it is a toy akin to that red pointer the humans use to tease me, but they are not always around when I see it. It often moves when I turn my head, but it can also stand still for long stretches of time. What is it?

It can drive me so mad that I chase after it across the dresser. The humans do not enjoy such behavior, but what do they know? They keep telling me it is my badge, yet how can that be? My badge does not emit light.


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