The Time I Nearly Killed Grandma

We can laugh about it now. After all, grandma survived. Still, there was a time when she required emergency medical care because of an unfortunate accident. Involving me.

It happened a few weeks ago, during my playtime in grandma’s room. As I busied myself frolicking, the human of a certain age tried to lift me off of the ground, only to scrape her palm against my fangs. This was no big deal, she decided, and did not clean the wound right away. Big mistake.

A few days later, angry red lines were crawling up her arm as the infection raged. It could have been fatal had she waited any longer before taking care of it, but she finally went to the doctor and the medicine was enough to eradicate it. Funny story, wouldn’t you say?

And this, dear readers, is why you always clean your wounds properly. Otherwise, you may end up dead, and the innocent little kitty in your life will be blamed for the deed. You do not want that, do you?

But I am much too sweet to do something so horrible…

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