The View From Up Here

Welcome to The View From Up Here, a column about the goings-on in the world glimpsed from my window. Hop on and grab yourself a perch so that we may look outside together!

Draw me like one of your French poodles.

From my windowsill, I have come to realize that humans leave these big, grey bins by the side of the road about once a week. Then, on cue, a huge truck rolls in and picks them up with its mechanized arms, engulfing their contents into its metal belly, helped in this task by bipedal collaborators.

What is it eating, you ask, hypothetical reader? I watched for several weeks before I managed to spot the small plastic bags, with which I have grown familiar, fall into the maw of the great beast. The truth became clear: it eats cat litter. Humans scoop our litter boxes, fill these bags, throw them into the bins, and then give it to the Truck as an offering.

From up here, I can see a grey bin in front of every house. Does this mean there are cats in all of your abodes, raised to produce the nutrients needed to feed this behemoth? Are we mere cogs in the machine? Welcome to The Matrix.


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