This Heat, I Can’t

Finally, a break in the heat! I can get back to some of my regular activities, like playing in the daytime and writing my blog. Yes, the intense, suffocating heat is my excuse. That and general feline apathy.


I might be originally from Texas, but I don’t want it to be hot. Ninety degrees every day for two weeks is too much when you’re wearing a fur coat, especially one as thick and lustrous as mine. It’s one of the reasons I am so handsome, as the Mama keeps telling me.

For the two whole days it will last, I will enjoy and celebrate the cool air. At one year old, this is the second summer I live through, and it’s enough to convince me that summer sucks. My humans were right. Maybe I should find a cool space under the house where I can aestivate. See you all at the end of September!

At least this floor is cool.


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