Two Years Home

Five days ago was the two-year anniversary of my adoption, the day when my humans became my humans. I had just been flown into town with a bunch of other cats and dogs when they came to visit me. They had seen my gorgeous mug online and couldn’t resist.

I could use more sun, dear Pacific Northwest

I quickly made this place my home and it remains my kingdom despite the introduction of another cat. In those two years, I have gone to the vet—or vets, because I’ve seen at least six—more times than the average kitty does in a lifetime. These humans didn’t know what they were getting into, and neither did I.

I may act like total adoration is par for the course, but there was no guarantee we would like each other. There was no guarantee they would do everything in their power to keep me healthy. As lucky as they were to adopt a cat this affectionate and intelligent, I was lucky to get humans that would let me sleep with them, get me all kinds of treats and toys, and cover my bed with a blanket so that I could stay warm.

Butterscotch gives this bed 10/10

They even got me another cat. I could do without him these days, since I don’t have much energy, but it was thoughtful of them. What’s more, he keeps them entertained, and even stole the show when a couple of fans came to visit this past week. Butterscotch is a character, one I suppose we’ll keep around. But this is my anniversary blog.

I want to express my gratitude to my human staff and to all of my readers and followers. In a time when empathy and kindness are in short supply, you’re a small miracle.

Here’s to many more

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