Under the Weather

What a day. What a night. After nearly two years of battling all kinds of medical issues, to say nothing of my stint in the adoption network that saw me move across the country, I may have finally met my match: diarrhea.

I suspect it’s the bearded human’s fault. He made me lick some anti-hairball gel that tasted pretty good. As it turns out, it runs right through me. I can’t stop pooping.

I don’t know what they’re mad about. Their butt isn’t raw. I just want to rub it over every last inch of rug in this house. So what if I defecated on the carpet? I took pains to do it out of the way, in the corner of the room, in an area humans can’t even reach. Bipedals wouldn’t know consideration if it slapped them in the face.

Right now, I can’t sit properly. It’s just too sensitive. I hope it runs its course soon; I’m pooped out.

Leave me out of this.

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